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Digitalizing healthcare products and services
is at the core of our passion

Cutting edge software technologies, web services to chart new growth and improve outcomes.

Electronic Health Record (HIS, EMR)

MedPro is tailored to provider-based workflows. Specialty applications are fast, flexible, and can be personalized.
A digital solution keeping in mind mobility, ease of access, ease of use, and data integration among many third-party systems is at the core of our solution. Whether it’s for a single doctor facility or a large hospital provider, our EHR/ EMR has solutions for every workflow.

Personal Health Record/ Patient Portal

Our PHR provides personal health information at fingertips with MyHealth. User can manage appointments, view shared records, check medication history, read about latest information on health and many many more.

Hospital Portal

An exclusively designed and developed website/ web portal based on the hospital needs and requirements we have one of the most advanced solution with almost every line of health covered, ranging from patient, operational, clinical flows in the system.

Healthcare Learning Portal

DreamTeamUp is a process driven system to provide constant learning and knowledge sharing. Based on different tools to help different lines of operations to create their own syllabi for different needs, publish it in a secured environment for team members to learn. System provides insights into key usage, goals achieved and ensure end users learns through these.

Many Other Systems

Deconomy Systems has developed many systems related to healthcare and has key knowledge base, use cases and practical development with deployment of these. Doctor Portal, GP Portal, Dream Team Up (Learning Portal for Hospitals), Appointment System, Telemedicine Solutions , Healthcare CRM, Wellnessvisit/ Medical Tourism, Scheduling System for Nursing/ Doctors/ Medical Staff


Creating systems, processes that are adaptable to match the needs at all levels of healthcare

Software helping improve outcomes, reduce cost and build ease of access.

Health Ecosystem

Developing an integrated system of care, hinging on components which are constantly updating, upgrading to build a system of delivery based on knowledge through data driven approaches.

Valued Based Care

In value based healthcare hospitals, physicians, care providers are paid on the basis of patient health outcomes. Value based care rewards for helping patients improve their health, reduce the effects and incidence of disease, and cares of health rather focusing on disease management alone.

Healthcare & Technology

Technology in healthcare is rapidly evolving may it be software or hardware, resulting in improving outcomes, lowering costs, improved access to care based on quality matrices at all levels.



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