Corporate/ Enterprise Learning


Corporate Learning solutions bringing revolution in growth and innovation, to adopt change.

Learning & coaching through anywhere anytime portal. Designed for effective, engaging and dynamic content delivery.

Learning Content System

We develop systems to support variety of content types, such as text, audio, video, image, animation. Provide management soluton for both corporate generated content and user generated content. Help to manage its storage, delivery and archiving. Provide ease to create, deliver, learning tools, reports and analytics with end to end solutioning.

Learning Platform Solutions

Our solutions range from mobile apps/ native apps to desktop/ mobile integration with ease of view on mobile devices without native app. That helps organizations managing the system with ease. Both solutions are equally responsive, easy to manage.

Features & Functions of the Platform

Based on organization needs and requirements we analyze your eLearning needs and suggest functions and features, suggest content, provide insights into the reports and outcomes. Features such as, Courses, Chats, Forums, Discussion boards, LOB level access, corporate wide access. Provide content suggestions with likes, shares, comments. Integration with other portals, social media. Show high achievers, build collaboration, insights for corporate to nurture and scale talent, many many more…..

Employee Orientation, On Boarding

New employees or old for new changes in the organization always bring challenges. Providing a system of learning to help understand and learn specifics is very strategic. A video, audio, text with specific outcomes based systems to ensure the right learning, orientation, and guidance. These are specific systems for the right need of the organization.

Quiz, Surveys & Polls

Creating an innovative approach to help build an organization in an informed way is key to many successes. Taping, understanding the team behaviour is key in many aspects of reaching certain decisions is key. It helps reach better decisions and ensures success.

Project/ Task Management System

A system to cater the needs around a specific project/ task. A specific workload oriented, role based and build around specific topography to provide solutions. A training based system to derive specific outcomes and generate results. Every specific need is reviewed and a system is developed around specific outcomes.

Innovation Portal

Innovation cycle management is the key of this system. Ideation to MVP and launching the idea and then a repeat of the process to improve the product again. A complete cycle of process automation provided through system with innovative system of learning and practicing and doing this getting a product through learning and practice of innovation.

Talent Development

Providing tools and techniques to train team members and build a specific, need based talent for your organization. Achieving a maturity model in a direction to build organization for a specific purpose, preparing for a new and modern, required shift through an assurance based system.

Organization Private FB/ Linkedin, Social Platform

The power of social can change many dynamics in an organization. This is done through building unique values, purpose around goals, sharing of knowledge with ease and casual approach without fear of oversight and ensuring the time is well spent in a specific direction.

Any Strategy Portal

Years of experience delivering software solutions for small and big organizations around the world have built a knowledge powerhouse in automating solutions for every organizational need. Please share your required areas of improvements, suggestions of optimizations required and we will work out a system with trust worthy, positive outcomes system.


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Encouraging a culture of learning to foster open feedback, nurture talent & innovate

Building competitive advantage, learn faster and help retain talent

Corporate Strategy Portal

A web portal for setting up approach to drive organization around the corporate strategy, such as instilling value of mission/ vision, focus on values, ensuring goals and objectives are reached with KPIs achieved with proper reports and analytics.

Flourish an Open Culture

Learning organizations encourage everyone to share information, admit to mistakes and practice giving and taking constructive criticism. Once the problem is found, they try to understand its root cause and fix it. To achieve such a culture: walls are removed, information is shared and leaders show their human sides.

Personal Mastery

Providing tools to become experts in their fields, keep them motivated to create a positive change. System based help is provided to keep the team aligned.


Overview of Devoppia

Zero Trust Security Enabler

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Cloud-Native Identity Aware Proxy

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Fine-Grain Access

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Secure Access for
Remote Work

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Unified Management Console

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No-Code Single Sign- On Integration

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